Another Windows 10 Update Problem



A printer problem has appeared in the latest Windows 10 update. It certainly had its share of problems of late. The problem has been that hackers looking at Windows 11 have found security holes not fixed in Windows 10. So Microsoft has been fixing many security holes to make it as secure as Windows 11. Unfortunately, some of these updates are harmful.

The big problem now for us now is the printers.

If you have not done the Windows 10 update, hold off for a while, as I am sure a fix will come through soon. We notified Microsoft, but I am sure that we are not the only ones.

If you are running Windows 10 and have problems with your printer, please try the following.

Firstly verify that it is this problem and not another problem so:

- Check that everything is in order, the printer cables, that it is properly connected and paper is in. 

- Switch off everything and try again. This often seems to fix everything.

Still got a problem, give us a call.


Is the problem to do with paper feed?
As of Wednesday my Fuji Xerox CM315 z wont print and keeps on telling me that there is a paper jam when there is not.
we have tried everything and the only way to print is by having one sheet in the tray and then helping the rollers feed the paper through with a little push

Hans, this windows problem has to do with ports. It certainly sounds like a roller problem.

Turn off the electricity. Then open the printer up. Use a microfiber cloth and a moist wipe to wipe the rollers, Do not use a paper towel! Move the rollers around so you clean all of it. Now just in case clean the printer bed too. 

Now try again, if it is still a problem you need to talk to our technicians. 


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