Xero can be in your POS Software!

This saves time by integrating your point of sale (POS) system directly into Xero!

We can automatically sync your sales data into Xero and give you the world's top retail experiences. No more manually entering in your sales and other bookkeeping information when you can automate the XERO cloud accounting system.

This is an easy-to-use app that will save time, reduce costs and improve the accuracy of your information as you can transfer your information directly to your account cloud with our add-ons Connect your company with your bank, accountants and others.  Because your data is in the cloud, you don't need to set up, maintain, and secure a local server where you are.

This means you do not have to spend hours entering your transactions from the point of sale software into your accounting software as it can be automatically done plus you save more time as your bank reconciliations will have an automatic bank feed.

You can process in real-time gaining insight into your business’ finances instantly where ever you are in the world as your business POS Software data is automatically synced. You or anyone you nominate will then get on the cloud and they can see and share the information no matter where they are in the world. Find your problem areas to allow you to take action quickly.

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Accounting process

Cloud accounting is a great way to automate and save time.