Gift Shops

If you need a robust and dependable Point of Sale to manage your Gift business? 

Make your checkout process more efficient by using in your Gift Shops this omnichannel retail management solution that manages both the physical retail shop and if required the e-commerce store. It the perfect point of sale solution for gift shops with its lightning-fast register, its powerful stock control tools, its customer loyalty marketing program and its built-in eCommerce solution.

This system is easy to use, secure and has the flexibly to match your needs.


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A little girl gives Dad a birthday present
Wrapping a present



Because it can make things so concise and clear, you will immediately realise how much you can accomplish by using PosBrowser. Our clients have been amazed by their increasing profit margins and its time-saving efficiency. Designed and improved by our clients for 30 years, PosBrowser is not so much a product we are proud to deliver but an essential business tool. PosBrowser can almost perform any retail function you can imagine. 

Auto MIN/MAX ordering ensures you are never out of stock. The integrated loyalty system helps to maintain and build your customer base.

If you own more than one store or would like to own another store, PosBrowser was built from the ground up with multi-store tools at its core. Centralising management saves time and money while allowing you to stay in complete control.

You might ask, "Why choose a system that is so much more than a register, wouldn't it mean more work?"

Quickly serve your customers with our super fast register software

The answer to that is in our motto at PosSolutions: It has to do it all with the least amount of effort.  

Ever growing competition equals shrinking margins, demanding time and cost savings to your bottom line. Loyalty schemes are commonplace and need to be attractive and stand out, but if they are not implemented correctly it can be costly and a lot of wasted work, defeating the purpose of running the loyalty promotions in the first place. Our point of sale delivers inexpensive methods to keep you in contact with customers and keep them informed with timely and relevant marketing information.

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