POS Solutions is a leader in Retail POS Software today.

Improve Your Business with the POS Solutions Retail Plus Software. A leading supplier of Point of Sale Systems to both SMB point of sale systems and point of sale equipment for a wide range of business environments. It is a major software developer specialising in Australia in newsagencies, pet shops and pharmacies which has serviced thousands of businesses Australia wide. Our head office is in Melbourne, Australia, with offices in most central areas like Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania and Perth.

We started in 1983 when a computer programmer Bernard Zimmermann seeing the potential of personal computers began POS Solutions to design and market-specific written software and computer hardware for businesses.

In 1990, POS Solutions marketing director Zac Varga developed a plan for a standard newsagency industry software package to help these independent retailers to gain access to the new technological developments. The company succeeded in introducing a competitive range of newsagency software that enabled it to hold a top position in the market. Soon afterwards Zac Varga bought 50% equity in the company. Here is a picture of the two directors of POS Solutions at their first trade show in 1990 showing off the first industry-specific retail management point of sale software.

Now we provide our clients with a complete range of solutions including software, hardware, support and marketing and have consistently focused on our original vision of POS Solutions. It has continuously evolved to meet the needs of the marketplace and today we are engaged in every aspect of technology in retail.

Working alongside our clients, POS Solutions have developed computer systems in retail including software to the electronic virtual services for such services as electronic payment, gift cards and telephone recharges.

We were on the first Microsoft Certified Partners in Australia which encompass a broad range of expertise and vendor affiliations, with experience ranging from networking, e-commerce, collaboration, business intelligence, and other leading-edge disciplines. Being a Microsoft Certified Partner ensures our staff were trained and qualified to work with the products that we support, delivering the best solutions to you professionally and efficiently. Key personnel have passed rigorous tests developed by Microsoft to ensure they meet high standards. POS Solutions Australia are a Microsoft OEM System Builder Program member allowing distribution of original equipment manufacturer products.

Our first trade show many many years ago.