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How to increase sales


Front window of a shop

As a guy who has worked for a top point-of-sale (POS) system company, I have over the years met and talked to many retailers and retail experts, so here are simple tips on how to increase sales in your physical store that I have learned. Whether it's a small shop or a larger local chain, these strategies can I think you help you draw in more customers and make more money.

Make Your Shop Front Inviting

The first thing customers see is your shop front. Make it welcoming. Think about:

  • Please keep it clean: Have clean windows, a tidy entrance, and no mess around.
  • Bright signs: Use clear signs for your shop name, open hours, and deals or sales.
  • Seasonal decorations: Change your front display with the seasons to keep it fresh and exciting.

Click on this for some ideas

Improve the Shopping Experience

A great shopping experience keeps customers coming back. Here are some ideas:

Offer Top-Notch Customer Service

  • Train your team: Ensure your staff knows their stuff and pays attention to what customers want. I have always been proud that many people can sell computers, but people who buy from me know that my staff knows computers. I recommend this philosophy to every shop. For example, a few days ago, I went to a toy shop to buy a present for a four-year-old boy. I really did not know what to buy, but the people serving were very professional and helped me. I would come back.
  • Listen and fix problems: Take customer complaints seriously and resolve any issues quickly. A complaint is often a marketing opportunity. 
  • Add a personal touch: Small things like saying hi by name or remembering what they like can make a big difference.

Display Products Well

  • Set up items wisely: Put things that go together near each other and show off your best stuff where people can see it easily.
  • Be creative with displays. Try different ways of showing products to grab attention, like themed setups or stacked items. 

Use Digital Ways to Boost Sales

Mixing online and in-person tactics can raise your sales. Think about this:

  • Social media buzz: Use social media to discuss deals, showcase new items, and get people excited to visit. If you are missing out on this free advertising, you are not doing yourself much good.
  • Collect emails: The purpose of a VIP club must be to get customers' emails to send them news and special offers. It's not that they will often take it up, but what is more important is that they know you exist.

Use your POS System

Unlike your memory, the facts in your POS System do not lie. 

  • It watches what your customers do: Use data from your sales system to understand what people buy, like, and dislike.
  • Keep the right items in stock: Use data to determine what people buy.

Seasonality and Inventory Turnover

It's important to note that a retailer's sales often fluctuate throughout the year due to seasonality and marketing seasons.

To manage these changes:

  • Forecast: Use your historical sales data to anticipate peak and off-season inventory needs.
  • Diversify Your Product Mix: Try to stress items that sell all year round; too often, I see retailers after a holiday stuck with stock that no longer sells. 
  • Implement Promotional Strategies: Run sales and promotions during peak seasons to clear out remaining seasonal stock before the off-season starts and you are stuck with the stuff.

Putting these steps into action can really help your shop sell more and grow. The trick is always to be ready to change and try new things to ensure your customers' satisfaction.


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Queue lengths


Long queues can drive customers away and hurt your sales. Here are some tips on managing queue lengths for a better customer experience..

Queue Management - A Must for Retail Success

That’s according to Box Technologies and Intel's report, which highlights the importance of technology in reducing queues. The research also found

  • 86% of consumers will avoid a store if they think the queue is too long
  • After 9 minutes of waiting, most shoppers will give up and leave
  • Moderate increases in queue length can reduce sales by as much as a 5% price hike

Note the last point I emphasised because it is frequently not realised.

Excessive queue times can deter customers and damage your business. Monitoring and optimizing your queue management should be a priority.

Queue management system

To assess your current situation, you need to track two metrics:

1. Number of People in the Queue

  • Periodically count the number of customers waiting in line.
  • Aim for less than five people to minimise walkouts.
  • Look at your Peak foot traffic

2. Average Wait Time

If people are waiting too long, often they will walk out.

  • Time: How long does it take to process each transaction?
  • Multiply the number of people by the processing time.
  • For example, ten people x 30-second processing time is 5 minutes.

If you go to "find transactions" and call everyone, you will get something like this.

This shows the dates and times that transactions are being processed. Use this to calculate your average processing time

Shortening Your Queues

Once you've measured queue length and wait times, here are some ways to reduce delays:

  • Open more registers - Add staff during peak times.
  • Speed up transactions - Train staff to scan items quickly.
  • Improve queue layout - Make lines look shorter by using barriers to hide.
  • Make a fast lane - Account customers and customers with big orders are often willing to wait longer.

Taking steps to minimize queues will boost customer satisfaction, sales, and loyalty over the long term.