This is one of the most critical reports in a business. As a rule, it should be run at least once every month. What it does is print an outstanding balance for all your debtors.

This determines how your business is handling its debt collection. This is why this report is commonly requested by banks and financial institutions.

Looking at the image above, I think you will find it great is that you can select any date (I chose four years ago) and display numbers for this date. This feature is handy.

This report is located in Registry Report> Client Trial Balance.

Among the other options, you also get the date range you want the breakup. In general, most people use months, but some prefer weeks. Others use a 4-week cycle because it gives an extra month in a year. It's up to you to decide. If you need more options, click the More Criteria tab.

In the standard report, you will get something like


The name is drawn here, but if you look at it, you'll initially see that almost everything is within 90 days. If it's real data, not four-year data, it would be a red flag.

What I find very useful is to look at it twice a month.


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