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POS software: Tips on thermal paper


If you're a retailer using a point-of-sale (POS) system, the quality of your Receipt printing makes a big difference. Low-grade thermal paper reflects poorly on your business and frustrates customers. Follow these tips when purchasing thermal paper rolls for your POS system.

Test Before You Invest

Before buying in bulk, order a small quantity first to test the paper quality. Check factors like:

  • Thickness - Is the paper too thin? Thin paper tears easily, won't store well and looks unprofessional.

  • Ink quality - Do prints look faded or dirty right away? The quality paper should print crisp, dark text.

  • Writability - Can customers easily add a signature or note? Paper that's too slick is a pain for signing receipts.

  • Fit - Do rolls fit properly in your printer? Having to rewrap or trim rolls is a headache.

Inspect Your Bulk Orders

When purchasing larger quantities, inspect packaging and rolls before accepting the order. Watch for:

  • Rubbing - Rolls can rub together in transit, transferring ink and looking dirty.

  • Crimping - Smashed or crimpled rolls jam printers and print oddly.

  • Bad batches - Occasionally many rolls in a box are defective. Test before committing to a case.

Features to Look For

The best thermal paper rolls have features like:

  • coloured stripe when the paper is running low. This gives you a warning to replace it.

  • Double-ply paper if you need extra copies.

  • An advertised length that matches the actual length. Some rolls are short.

  • Adequate thickness to print properly and not tear easily.

Quality thermal paper reflects well on your business. Taking the time to find a good paper supplier saves headaches for you and your customers. With the right receipt paper, your POS system makes a professional impression.