Trade shows starting up in 2022


Fairs and conventions came to a halt with the Covid-19 pandemic. Many organisations tried some form of virtual meetings. From what I've seen, the results were generally disappointing. If someone is looking online, what do they need for a virtual trade show?

Now, as vaccines are rolling out and restrictions loosened, trade shows are viable again. Still, the way forward may not be clear.

* Many are not yet vaccinated and will be denied admission if they try to come. The big problem is that if two people want to go in a group from a store today, one is most likely not vaccinated.

* Many vendors' staff and attendees still have health concerns.

* Some potential attendees now prefer virtual trade shows after getting used to them as it is much faster and cheaper, e.g. no travel or hotels.

Still, some things are difficult to do virtually, such as analysing a photo gift item, meeting with your vendors in person, meeting new vendors, etc. 

So it will be interesting to see what happens as the trade shows start again, will many go?

It will be a make or break for the trade show industry.

Still, vendors are interested as both the Reed Gift Fair in February in Sydney and the Fine Food Australia scheduled for March in Sydney are already over 90% booked. I have also been told that there is little left, which I believe as prices are pretty high to attend.

Note, they all have clauses in case of another cancellation.

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