Retailers can sell more by active Cross-Selling


If you run a shop, one of the best ways to make more sales is by mastering cross-selling, which suggests extra related items to your customer's purchase. Doing this can help you make each sale worth more.


Shopper in a shopping centre

I can assure you that this woman above did not come to this centre knowing what she would buy in all these bags.


Why Suggesting Extra Items Works Well

Suggesting extra, related items to customers as they buy or browse can help because it:

Makes Shopping Better: When you suggest items that fit your customer's needs or likes, you show you understand them. 
Raises Sale Value: Customers buying more items means each sale brings in more money, which is great for your shop.
Keeps Customers Coming Back: Offering a shopping experience that feels special and tailored just for the customer makes them want to return to your store, building loyalty.

Digging Into the Good Stuff About Suggesting Extras

Suggesting extras can do wonders, but let’s look at some real examples of how it helps small shops:

More Money Made: Research shows that shops selling extra items can see a big jump in sales. 
More Profit: Suggesting items with higher profit margins as extras can mean more money in the bank. Most profit is made not on the items that the customer came on, but the add-on sales.

How to Be Great at Suggesting Extras

Use Your POS System

Go to Cash Register Reports > Sales Register > Stock Companion Sales by Period. See the green arrow below.

Choose a stock item, add its past year's data, and receive a full report on earnings, sales, and more.

This report will give you details on how much money the item made, how many were sold, and additional information. With this information, you can determine whether an item that sells slowly and doesn't bring in much money by itself draws in customers who then buy other items that make more money.

Pick Best Pairs: Find what items are often bought together and suggest these combos to customers.
Keep Getting Better: Always check how well your selling tactics work and tweak them based on what the numbers tell you.

Train Your Team

Your staff plays a big part in successful extra selling. Make sure they are:

Well-trained: Teach your team to ask for a related item, e.g. they brought a kid's game. Do they need a card?

Know Your Products Well: Help your team learn all about what you sell so they can suggest items that go well together.

Build People Skills: Teach your staff to really listen and talk in a way that feels real and helpful, making shopping fun for customers.

Know What Buyers Like: Understand what your shoppers prefer and use it to make your suggestions feel personal.

Easy Ways to Do It:

Scripts: Work out some lines that work with your customers to get them to consider other products and services you offer.
Lists: This works well. Make a list of your shop's top sellers and display it prominently; people will look at the products after seeing this list.

Make Your Shop Inviting

The way your shop looks and feels can help sell more, too. Try these ideas:

Put Things Together: Place items that go well together in the same spot so buyers can spot and grab them.
Make Displays Pop: Use eye-catching setups to draw attention to items that go together, nudging folks to buy more.
Signs and Tags: Clear signs can highlight special deals and suggest items that add value to their buy.

By using these ways to sell more, you will increase sales for your small shop, improve customer shopping, and turn them into loyal fans.

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