There is a recent decision by the South Australian Government to go into lockdown as they have 35 active cases.

As a Victorian who has gone through lockdown, I can relate to what my clients are about to go through soon.  What can I say, stay safe and I know it is not easy to be a prisioner.

Those businesses that are going to remain open is because they are classed as an essential service.  

This does highlight a problem that I have spoken about here many times that the decision on that as the definition of an essential service depends on whims, there is no standard. 

It is up to the business to prove that they are an essential service. 

Here in Victoria, VANA was able to help many of our clients.  

Until a simple, low-cost sensor that can detect COVID-19 infections is widely distributed and/or a vaccine comes, we will be hit by repeated COVID waves - second, third, fourth, etc. A lockdown can likely happen anywhere. As South Australia shows, this can happen suddenly with no warning in an area doing fine.

Our advice remains the same 

Go through your shop and services. Look at what could be classed as essential.

These goods and services should be right out in the front.

Show the world that you are providing that vital service.

It might help.




We lost most of our newspaper business in the bushfires in December last year so we gave them up but when we were going into the second lockdown in Victoria, we got newspapers from the local newsagent, not the publishers, and agreed to do some deliveries for them free of charge, we also put in a coffee machine on trial. Doing all this meant that we were able to remain open during the lockdown.

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