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Here at POS Software, we truly value customers' feedback in our post-call Survey feedback. This helps us continuously improve your Customer support.  However, what is all too common is that survey responses have included requests for additional Follow-up support but no information for us to get back in touch with the request.

For example:

A customer completes a survey after a call with our support team. In the comments, they write: “I still need more help with this issue. Please have someone call me."

Unfortunately, we cannot follow up and provide further assistance without any name, phone number, email, or other contact details. We want to maintain your anonymity in surveys while assisting you further if needed.  See image above.

So, if you submit survey feedback indicating you require ongoing support, please be sure to include your Contact information:

  • Your name - So we can reference previous conversations and access your account history
  • Contact number or email - So our team can directly reach you to resolve your issue

By including these quick contact points in your survey feedback, our customer service team can efficiently follow up on your question or issue and ensure it is fully addressed.

Please know our goal is constantly improving our systems for streamlined follow-up requests, so our survey form is being upgraded. But for now, these extra details must be filled in to ensure we can resolve any outstanding concerns in a timely, personalized manner.

We appreciate you taking the time to help us help you better! 

PS - If you have been happy with our services and support, we would super appreciate it if you leave us a nice Google Review. This would certainly make our day! 

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