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Rather than discount the old worthless products completely just to get rid of it, try to sell it on eBay. We do it too, for example, with aged scanners and computers that are brand new but no longer sellable also for products that we do not want to handle any more. So I am pretty experienced with eBay.


If you are thinking of doing it, here are some tips to get your selling price.


You have to know your costs exactly, shipping, packaging, transaction fees, etc. once you have done that you can set a floor price.

eBay I have noticed is not always about the lowest price. Some other points like having days for them to get the products, local pickup, freight charges, free extras and just in general how you look to the client plays a part.

Currently, check who are the main sellers for the product. You should just by looking at eBay see how hot the product is and see what price most people are selling the product. Furthermore, check what is the lowest price, I would say try to set your price at what most people look like they are selling it for now. However, if you cannot match it all is not lost as in my experience, and you have about 20% prices range on eBay. So if say the price is about $10, you can still be in the market at $12, if however, your floor price was $13, I would say you are not competitive now and you either need to drop your price, wait another two weeks and check again because prices change all the time on eBay or forget eBay for that product.


One strategy that works well, is to try to make your product unique, which makes it harder for a person looking to compare pricing. The disadvantage is that people are very wary of products without looking at them, and if you are unique, it makes it hard for them to check whether it works for them, so they move on.


Moreover, eBay is not just about price; a few bad reviews will kill you as a seller. If you get too many bad reviews, close your account and make a new account. Try not to close too many accounts as big sellers get more business because they have trust. The more you sell the more people trust you.


We do offer a complete eBay integration in our point of sale software.

I hope this all helps and let me know how it goes for you.

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