ChatGPT for Businesses: What to watch?


ChatGPT for Businesses 

Most of our clients are very progressive regarding technology and are as excited about ChatGPT as we are.  

What is ChatGPT

Its an AI chatbot. If you have yet tried out ChatGPT, click here. Make yourself an account, and then give it a try. Ask it some questions, ask it to translate some text into your language, give it some history questions, religious or theological questions, cooking questions, etc. You will be amazed at what it can do. 

This is why businesses today are paying attention to ChatGPT. It is an appealing option for businesses of all sizes looking at improving efficiency because it can save time and money. Exactly what it can do is still being determined.  

Fun fact

I asked ChatGPT to describe itself and put its description into a drawing program; this is how ChatGPT sees itself.

ChatGPT describes itself

Competitors to ChatGPT

There are several rivals for these products. The most well-known is Bard by Google, but many others are into it; Vicuna is a Japanese product. 


Quality is the most crucial point. If the product cannot do the job, what difference does anything else make? Here is a very rough test of the quality of several product results.

ChatGPT compared

I wonder if most users will notice that much difference in quality. All have their strengths and weakness. 

You can check out the quality here and make up your mind.

I feel that the free version of ChatGPT is about as good as Vicuna. Overall I prefer Vicuna for business.


The older ChatGPT is free, but the newer product is $20 per month. The others are all free for now. If you want to try the newer ChatGPT before paying for it, try the others first and the older version of ChatGPT so you will know what you need before jumping into it. One needs to learn to walk before one starts to run.


All except Bard are available now to an Australian. Bard is officially yet to be open to Australians. If you want to run Bard now in Australia, you need a VPN. 

Everyone is now waiting to see the Chinese product, but it has yet to be available in Australia.


This is a big problem in business; Bard is the only one now with up-to-date information, and the rest are about two years old. Yet a businessperson needs current information. A person will come to a shop and generally wants to know about something recent. This puts significant limitations on its business use in Australia.


Even with paid services, users need help with using the product. It can be very frustrating. Also, many reports say that OpenAI has made ChatGPT stupider to get faster speeds. 

ChatGPT Outages


With a Google search, you know where the information comes from; this is not the case with these products often, and YES, the information they supply is often wrong. 

Since these often do not supply references, you must check the answers you get from these products. Be careful.

Political filter

Except for LLaMA, they all have political filters in place. These can drive you crazy as innocent questions can be refused to be answered as such. Heavy users of these products often will debate if Big Brother is watching them. 


Today we are all paying attention to this technology. It is an exciting technology that has the potential to cut costs and increase productivity. I am more than happy to discuss it if anyone wants. 

Executive summary

> These AI can answer a wide range of questions.
> Businesses are looking for them because of their potential to cut costs, save time, and increase efficiency.
> They all have their pluses and minuses. 
> You may not notice a significant difference in quality 
> These products' limited business applications may be due to outdated information.
> These products give incorrect answers, so you must check their accuracy. 


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