At the point of sale


Here is some of the terminology used in POS Systems today.

POS Systems

Point of Sale

For merchants, efficiently managing transactions is pivotal. The point of sale (POS), is generally the front counter but not always and is generally a store's most influential real estate. It's here that customer interactions and sales are done.

What is a POS System?

Behind every POS lies an integrated system that keeps sales running smoothly. Comprised of hardware and software components, it digitally transforms the transactional experience. This is what we do! 

POS Hardware

Devices like computers, barcode scanners and printers facilitate front-facing jobs. Reliable, user-friendly technology is critical.

POS Software

In retail, this is divided into two categories:

Front Counter The front-end program powering devices at the POS itself. This does the sales processing.

Back Office Running remotely, back-office software compiles invaluable analytics and reports. Inventory levels and staff scheduling tools likewise enhance operations examples might be:

1) Detailed Sales Reporting Dissecting data reveals top products, periods and more to maximise profits.

2) Inventory Management\ Automated stock tracking prevents stockouts while streamlining replenishment.

3) Loyalty programs Transaction histories fuel loyalty schemes and targeted promotions.

Hope this is of help.

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