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Ensuring Staff Security in Your Shop


Running a retail business comes with many challenges. One key area that requires focus is staff security. While most employees are trustworthy, it only takes one bad apple to cause significant losses. It is a growing problem, have a read here.

The Importance of Deterring Theft

Implementing proper security procedures is necessary to protect your business and bottom line. In my experience, the mere presence of correct security procedures often deters such theft. If staff members see cameras and proper controls in the point of sale (POS) system, they are less likely to steal. So, it is essential to take retail loss prevention seriously.

Over the years, I have become cynical about this issue. Too many retailers have told me stories that start with "He was in school with me... his family and my family....he was very good, my best employee..." and something they start telling me how "He had been skimming my cash register for years." and how they only found out years later that a previous employee had problems with that person.

Some will take advantage if an employee sees you won't care about minor cash discrepancies. If they know a POS system is monitoring transactions, it makes them think twice. One client recovered almost $13,000 a year in extra revenue simply by having separate tills for each staff member and counting each cash drawer after every shift.

Configuring Staff Security in POS Software

It's straightforward to set up security features in our POS system. 

Please go to

Main menu> staff > staff maintenance

Then click the Security Level tab on the top

Now, you will see the user levels with our suggested functions for each level. Change them at will to suit your own particular needs.

Now click Staff Maintenance.

This screen appears


Now, set your staff with a suitable security level that they need to do their position. Make sure that you give them the functions and information they will need without compromising sensitive and dangerous functions and information.

The default settings are designed to work for 90% of shops. However, every business is different so that you can customise it for your needs. There are many options to choose from.

We can set these up, and then you can enforce them. Installing cameras facing the tills is also recommended.

Take Retail Security Seriously

Security in retail is often trivialised, but it doesn't have to be. With proper controls through your POS system and staff procedures, you can deter theft and protect your hard-earned profits. Don't become another cautionary tale - be proactive about retail security immediately. Your business will be better for it.

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