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Are we going cashless soon


Picture this: A pensioner goes shopping; in her wallet are a few notes ready to use for shopping. Soon, most vendors will wave her towards card readers instead. "Just tap and go." They say, "It's faster!" Could this be our future?

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Don't Panic, Cash Isn't Disappearing Overnight


According to some estimates, by 2030, Australia will be a cashless society. While this shift won't happen overnight, it will significantly affect businesses like yours.

Why the Cashless Craze for retailers?

  • Faster: Tap-and-go payments are quick and easy. Our POS System can do such transactions faster than cash, I know, as we have measured it.
  • Cost: Retailers save on handling, counting, and securing physical cash.
  • Security: For retailers, handling electronic money is much more secure and more challenging to steal—lower risks of counterfeiting and internal theft for retailers when using electronic payments.
  • Fewer banks and ATMs: Cash can be a problem as we have fewer banks and ATMs.

Hold On, Not So Fast – Retailers Are Concerned

Recent studies paint a complex picture.

  • Few cashless support: A whopping 71% of Australians are worried about going cashless, and many retailers are among that 71%.
  • More payment types: Few retailers want to lose customers, so if a customer wants to pay in cash, most retailers will accept it.
  • Hidden Fees: Every fee counts, and a cashless society costs retailers.

The Real Risks of Going Cashless

It's not just nostalgia. Here's why all business owners should care:

  • Leaving Folks Behind: The elderly, those with disabilities, undocumented workers, and even domestic abuse victims may rely heavily on cash. Going cashless can exclude them.
  • Your Data, Their Data: Card companies and banks see every transaction, raising privacy concerns. Large companies now buy this information from banks, providing incredible information on what people buy from their cashless purchases.  
  • Outages Happen, and Australia's electronic network is not ready: When the power or network goes down, currently, only cash keeps things moving.

So, What's a Business to do?

First, check what percentage of your sales are cashless versus cash via your POS reporting. The "End of Day" report will show a "Sales Payment Breakup" - run this for the past year to understand your current cash/cashless mix.

With this data in hand, you can plan appropriately:

Go to the main menu and select "End of day."

Click where it has a green arrow.


The part of the report you are looking for is the Sales Payment Breakup below.

Pick an appropriate period, generally the last year. Run it a few times with slightly different dates, as you may get a better value with various dates. 

This will supply you with the information you need.


  1. Keep SOME Cash Handy: It's an emergency lifeline and a way to serve everyone.
  2. Speak Up! Let your local council and politicians know a fully cashless Australia has drawbacks.

Australia's transition away from cash is complex. With proper planning and an inclusive "fair go" approach, small businesses can thrive by straddling both cashless and cash payments during this shift.

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