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Key retail dates in Australia 2024


Calendar of retail events in 2024

Welcome to 2024! As a retailer, having a solid marketing calendar is crucial for planning promotions, sales, and events throughout the year, in my experience good retailers plan well in advance. Here is an overview of some of the most significant retail marketing opportunities in 2024 that you won't want to miss.

As there are a few amendments I had to do so we are starting from now here.


February 10 - Chinese New Year (Year of the Dragon)

A good sign is that dragons are associated with power, leadership and wealth; this is a very promising year where business and career ventures should thrive. Make sure to use some red and gold  like display prominently red envelopes, decorations with dragons, etc. If you sell cards, these suppliers will have such products.

February 14 - Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is an opportunity to boost sales of cards, candy, flowers, premium chocolates, and more. Decorate with hearts and cupids and promote gifts for him and her.


March 29 - Good Friday

Good Friday signals the start of the Easter weekend. Promote Easter baskets, candy, egg decorating kits, gifts, spring apparel and more.

March 31 - Easter Sunday

On Easter, continue promoting Easter merchandise. Stores can host Easter egg hunts, brunches with the Easter Bunny, and spring flower shows.


April 25 - ANZAC Day

Poppies, Flag merchandise, Military memorabilia, Commemorative items, Cookbooks, Drinkware and books. One of the problems with such goods is that the items are often difficult to sell after  ANZAC Day.

March 31 - Easter Sunday

On Easter, continue promoting Easter merchandise. Stores can host Easter egg hunts, brunches with the Easter Bunny, and spring flower shows.



May 12 - Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a peak time for flowers, jewellery, brunch events, spa packages and gifts focused on moms, grandmothers, and mother figures.


End of Financial Year Sales

For many of my clients, this is one of the most important marketing seasons, tax benefits, clearing stock before new fiscal year, etc.

Start of Winter Sales

If you are doing anything in clothing, this is when people start to look for winter clothing.


Stocktake sales

This is a terrific time to get rid of unsellable stock. The public is looking for bargains then, and after the stocktake, the odds are that you have bargains for them.

July 24 - School Holidays Begin

The start of school holidays means increased family travel and focus on kids. Promote toys, children's apparel, family activities, luggage, and travel necessities.


September 1 - Father's Day

Target gifts to dads, grandfathers, husbands, and father figures. Promote grilling supplies, tech gadgets, apparel, sports merchandise, and experience gifts.


October 31 - Halloween

Halloween brings sales of costumes, candy, home decor, pumpkin carving kits, and more. Stores can host costume contests or trick-or-treating events.


People are buying Christmas presents today in November; in 2023, retail sales increased dramatically this month; click here. Please do not wait for Black Friday.

November 29 - Black Friday

Officially, this is the start of the Christmas shopping season. In 2023, Black Friday was one of the most significant retail events of the year, with major sales that started before and continued long after.

November 29 - Summer season begins

It is getting hot; people need to start getting summer goods.


December 24 - Christmas Eve

Highlight last-minute gift ideas for the holiday celebrations.

December 26 - Boxing Day

Boxing Day it was used to be big for post-holiday sales in Australia. It did go up in 2023, but not a lot. Still, there are good sales to be made here.

December 31 - New Year's Eve

You can promote party supplies and goods for the New Year's celebrations.


Depending on the people you serve, there will be more, e.g. if you sell books, consider promoting 2nd March – World Book Day and April 2: International Children’s Book Day.

 Anzac Day, worth having a chew about, I do know retailers that sell some goods then. 

I suggest you add the birthday of your shop, so make it as old as possible.  If you bought the shop from someone else, ring up some of your suppliers and ask them when your shop first got an account. Often an online search can help too. Once you have a date, make a shop birthday sale. Its a great excuse to have a sale.


Planning your promotions around these key retail events will help drive traffic and boost your bottom line in 2024.

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