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Reminder emails and SMSs


In this crazy-competitive world, the small details keep customers coming back. One secret weapon? Reminder emails and texts!

Why Reminders are a Retail Game-Changer

Think about your POS system as a treasure chest of customer info. Each time someone buys dog food, printer paper, or even a lotto ticket, you learn something important: they'll likely need those things again soon.

Reminders are like a friendly tap on the shoulder saying, "Hey, remember us? Time for a refill on that awesome thing you bought!" They aren't just about restocking, though. Here's what they can do:

Score big with birthday offers: Studies show these get tons of love! VIP points? Don't let them expire: Remind folks to cash in those rewards! Keep appointments on track: Reduce no-shows and keep schedules organized. Sweeten the deal: Promote upcoming sales and offers!

Reminder: Timing is Everything

Here's a pro tip: Aim to send reminders a couple of weeks before the customer might need to restock. Also, give them ample time to use any offer – think about a month! For example, if you want someone back on the 10th of next month, a reminder on the 15th (plus an offer lasting the entire next month) is a winning combo.

Our POS to the Rescue!

Ready to try reminders? Get excited—your POS has this feature built-in free! If you are unsure how to use it, give us a call.

Generic restock reminder:
"It's time to restock your dog food. We have the best prices and same-day delivery available."

Expiring rewards reminder:
"Don't let your $10 in rewards expire! Use them towards your next purchase before the end of the month."

Retail is about relationships, and reminders are your way of saying, "Hey, I remember you!" Boosting loyalty and sales with this simple tactic is a no-brainer. Give it a go—your customers and bottom line will thank you!