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Checkout these photos of the new hard drives


In shops, you often need to put computers into small places. If you think about it, a computer often in a shop is sitting on the most valuable space. Its the prime selling area. So it is great that we can get them smaller. I am sure many of you will be shocked how small we can build computers. Yes, we build computers, as most point of sale systems do need unique computer configurations.

Check out these hard drives.


This one is a 256GB SSD.

This is changing as we are getting more orders for a terabyte hard drive as the difference in price is so small now that most people prefer the larger size.

The advantages

-They are faster, much faster. When I switch a computer on with these hard drives, I am stunned how fast they startup now. Now our computer processor and our software speeds have increased, so it is the hard drive that is slowing down your system! That is wasting your time, your customers and your staffs time. These drives can help.

-They use less electricity. The hard drive does consume a large amount of the power a computer uses. Less electricity saves money.

-As such, they make for a quieter computer. The electricity used in a computer becomes heat and as its less electricity.

- As it uses less heat,  the computer fan does not need to run as much. What often bugs me if I am on a computer for a long time is the sound of its fan. Besides being annoying, I am sure it is having a long term effect on my ears.

- They do not have any moving parts. There are lots of small, moving parts inside your hard drive e.g. magnetic heads, spindles, and spinning platters. The failure of any one of these parts is the leading cause of hard drive failures and so computer failures. This will save on maintenance.

As such for our users, we recommend them switching over to these drives when they do upgrades.

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