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Important Notice: Our Phone System Gets an Upgrade Today!


 Our Phone System Gets an Upgrade Today

Hi everyone! We're kicking off some exciting improvements to our phone system today. This means we're working hard to improve your experience, contacting us for support. Just a heads-up: there might be a short time when our phone lines are down.

What to Expect

Brief Downtime

We're aiming for a quick upgrade, around ten minutes. Tech can sometimes be unpredictable, so please be patient if it takes longer. We've got other options, so hopefully, there will be no worries if you need help while our phones upgrade.

You can still reach us through:

- Email


-Live Chat on our Website

Why the Upgrade?

Like any business, we're always looking to improve things! This upgrade will mean:

  • More Capacity: We're growing and running out of capacity, and this will ensure we can answer your calls quickly.
  • Cool New Features: We're always excited about the possibilities that the new technology brings! One immediate benefit we like is that we can combine voice, video, and data into one network, streamlining our communications.
  • Rock-Solid Reliability: Our current system is a hybrid that has grown over the years, and some parts do need upgrading to the latest cloud technology. 

We know it's super important to get help when you need it, so we're doing this upgrade today during a slower period to minimize disruption.

Thanks for your understanding!

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