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Measure your Valentine's Day Sales 2024


Valentine's Day Sale

Valentine's Day is considered an excellent marketing day, so it is worthwhile to see how your business performed on that day. You need to measure and analyse your sales to improve your business.

I did a brief market survey yesterday, with a wide range of results, from terrific to little. Everyone would agree that something is better than nothing. Now, here are some tips on how to measure your Valentine's Day Sales and get your score:

Use Sales Reports

The best way to track your Valentine’s Day sales using your real data is by using your point of sale (POS) system's sales reports. Here's how:

Compared to Previous Years

Computer reports for Valentines Day Sales

Run a sales report for 14 February and compare it to the same date in previous years. This will show you growth and trends over time. Pay attention to:

  • Profit
  • Number of transactions
  • Average transaction size

Analyse by Department

Break down the sales data by department. See which products and product categories performed best. One point you may find interesting is the colour red, did items of this colour sell well?

Spot Top Employees

See which employees rang up the most sales. 

Review Inventory Levels

Analyse how your inventory levels changed before and after Valentine's Day. Look at bestselling products. Did you sell out of any items? This helps you know what quantities to stock next year.

Check Customer Traffic

Beyond sales data, also look at customer traffic trends. Did you get more traffic than normal? Did you get more sales? Higher traffic but no improvement in sales shows you probably had the wrong goods in the shop.

Compare Promotions

Review any marketing promotions or campaigns you ran for the holiday. See which ones worked best.

Ask Customers and Employees

One point I also suggest is to talk to your customers and staff to get feedback. What did they like about your Valentine’s products and service? What could be improved for next year?

Taking the time to measure and analyse your Valentine’s Day sales will provide insights to help improve planning and boost sales in the future. With the right POS reporting tools, like ours collecting and learning from your holiday sales data is easy.


I’m not sure where you’re getting your info, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more.
Thanks for excellent info I was looking for this info for my shop.

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