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The best POS software for Nutrition and Health Food shops


In a few days, the Naturally Good expo which is the leading business platform for natural, organic and healthy brands starts. Unfortunately, it is in NSW so I will not be attending. If you are in the area and you are one of our clients I recommend you attend as your POS System can handle such products. You might get some ideas. 

Our system is widely regarded in this industry. For example, when Health Food Thyme needed a Point of Sale system, they came to us. They faced the problem that Nutrition and Health Food shops have to deal with colossal product catalogs and inventory. So they have to manage products for the vast demands of the public health needs. Besides, there is always a need to find and sell special orders, even if they don’t handle the product. In the Health Food Thyme case, they also consulted with naturopathic consulting and clinic rooms. This needs management too. You can check out their goods and services here.

After doing many of these stores, other problems that we need to take into account with Nutrition and Health Food shops:

-They can be both retail and wholesale businesses. Plus they need to manage products at different pricing levels. For example, loyal customer or wholesaler as they often need customer-based pricing or discounts. Plus group price reduction, quantity pricing, multiple purchases, promotional prices and bulk discounts. So they need their system to have a robust inventory management system. With such a large stock, they need an automatically reorder facilities. 

-They also need an inbuilt CRM loyalty system to manage the entire sales history of a particular customer. This helps them to make recommendations based on past purchased items. It also allows the shop to provide a personal experience for shoppers. For example, check and track dietary restrictions, brand preferences, etc. 

-The specially designed price tag with bar code-suitable for items without barcodes. 

-Time-based promotional prices-set promotional or discounted prices within a specific date range.

-Tracking and manage self-made products by the shop made from other products in the store. 

This system was designed to help people that market Nutrition and Health Food to grow and succeed.


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