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Our POS system in your furniture/bed Shop



A Furniture Bed System That Helps You Improve Your Bottom Line

If you run a furniture or bedding shop, you know how much work is required to run your business effectively. Keeping everything organised can be a juggling act, but our POS system can help simplify the process.

Using our POS System can let you run your shop more effectively and efficiently.


Tracking your stock levels can be time-consuming and challenging manually, with many product lines from many suppliers. However, ensuring you have enough stock to meet your client's needs is essential. Our POS System simplifies this process by allowing you to monitor your inventory levels easily. You can manually set reorder points, or the advanced AI monitor can handle it. When the stock is running low, the POS system will alert you automatically, enabling you to reduce stockouts without increasing your stock levels significantly.

Sales Analysis

You have many reports on your deals information by item, category and department, including sales quantity, income, and profit. You can use this to make better-informed business decisions based on this data, such as which products to keep and which to discontinue. 

Additionally, you can track your sales performance over time and adjust your marketing and sales strategies accordingly to the time of year.

Customer Management 

Keep track of your customer data, such as contact information and their customer's purchase history. A very extensive delivery system is available.

Loyalty programs

Businesses today effectively cultivate customer loyalty through the use of loyalty programs. These loyalty programs can have many advantages for businesses. To begin, it could boost repeat business and aid customer retention. Customers are more likely to buy from a company again if they feel valued and appreciated. Then loyalty programs can bring in new clients. 

Using this POS System, you can seamlessly implement loyalty programs through our POS System, which includes free customer relationship management (CRM) system.

With the help of this CRM, you can gather and evaluate your customers' data. Use this to design personalised loyalty programs that cater to your customer's preferences and requirements. Additionally, it enables you to analyse the effectiveness of your loyalty programs.

Integration with E-commerce Platforms 

Nowadays, numerous bed shop owners sell their furniture online. However, this usually involves managing separate inventories and sales systems. Our online store, integrated with POS system, simplifies this process. You can manage your online orders and inventory details directly from our POS System without learning a new system. 

Additionally, we offer the option to link with various popular e-commerce systems if you have one in place.

Payment Handling

Our system makes it easy to handle a wide range of payment types plus track the transactions, so besides securely processing transactions, it can lower the likelihood of fraud or errors.

Ease of Use 

Our POS system is simple to set up, use, and update. You can focus on providing excellent customer service and growing your business by streamlining your operations with a user-friendly interface and straightforward features.


We're passionate about understanding your individual needs and goals, and our team is always eager to arrange a demonstration to showcase the benefits of our system. Look no further if you seek system solutions catering to your business requirements. Our system can seamlessly connect you with other businesses in your retail channel and provide a comprehensive point-of-sale (POS) system that streamlines your operations and optimises your sales processes.

Executive Summary:

> Furniture and bedding store owners looking to streamline their operations can benefit from our POS system's efficiency and effectiveness.
> You can reduce running out of stock because of our inventory tracking feature.
> You get a detailed analysis of all your sales
> It comes with a free CRM
> It can handle e-commerce. 
> Our user-friendly interface is simple to set up and use.
> Our team is focused on helping you to achieve the best you can from our system.

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