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Dump Bins: Great for Clearing Stock and Boosting Sales


Dead stock in a bin

Every shop owner knows the feeling—you've got dead stock that needs to be moved. Maybe it's out-of-season, or perhaps it just hasn't been as popular as you hoped. Enter the mighty dump bin—make it your weapon to turn that dead inventory into quick cash!

What Are Dump Bins, and Why Do They Work?

They're not about rubbish but rather about smart retailing! Dump bins are those big baskets, countertop tubs, or end-of-aisle displays filled with sale and clearance items. Here's the magic:

The Treasure Hunt Factor:

Customers can't resist a good rummage, and dump bins tap into that bargain-hunting instinct. When I pass a shop with a dump bin and I have time, I admit I will look. Do you?

Deals = Excitement:

Something about those jumbled bargains feels exciting, encouraging impulse buys. Clearance Made Easy: Dump bins quickly get slow-sellers out the door, freeing space for fresh, full-priced items.

Pinpointing Your Problem Stock:

The facts do not lie.

Before filling those dump bins, you need to understand the scope of your slow-moving inventory. Your POS software is your ally here:

The Big Picture: Run a "Stock on Hand by Date Last Received" report. This will give you a snapshot of your holdings of old stock.

Department Deep-Dive: Break down the report by department. Often, certain areas have more slow-sellers than others and one set of criteria in a department does not necessarily apply to another department.

What's 'Dead' to You?: Your POS System has its own metrics, but you may not agree. That is why it's worth going over the list by how long the stock has sat in your shop. Consider how long the items have been on the shelf and also how much space and money they're taking up.

Top Tips for Dump Bin Domination

Prime Real Estate???:

It does not have to be in the Prime Real Estate of your shop. Many majors put it in a corner and put up a big sign and red light to show it exists. The point is that your dump bins need to be seen wherever you put them! The shop entrance, just outside, is also popular for the dump bin. It certainly draws in customers. Since the stock is not worth much, the shop theft 

Shout About Those Sales!

Big, bold "SALE" signage is a must. Few can resist a bargain sign!

Organised Chaos is Key:

A little disarray is fine (it shows interest), but don't let it get too messy. Aim for pops of colour and interesting textures.

Keep Things Fresh:

Change the items regularly! If stuff does not work in the dump bin, consider moving it out or trying a lower price; there is no point in reinforcing a retreat. Customers love seeing something new each time.

Cross-Merchandise Like a Pro:

Think of complementary products. Use your companion reports to find out what items sell with the stuff you put in the dump bin.

Real-World Win

We had a gift shop stuck with slow-selling novelty mugs out of season. They created a bright dump bin by the checkout with 50% off. The mugs flew out, and the owner told me she felt it was money she found on the street. It also helped to make room for profitable new inventory!

Embrace the Dump Bin, Embrace the Sales!

Dump bins are more than just stock clearance; they create a dynamic shopping experience. Your customers will love the surprise deals, and you'll love the boost to your bottom line. So, get those bins ready, and let the sales begin!

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