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Free Music for Your Shop's Commercial Videos


royalty free music for commercial videos

A client recently asked us for advice on finding music for his small shop's commercial video that they wanted to put on Facebook. What they wanted was something catchy that would give a vibe to the images of the camera shots of their stock on display in the video. Which I did. Thinking to myself that if it helped them, it could help other clients of mine, here are a few tips I shared that can help you find great tunes on a budget:

Use Trusted Free Music Libraries

I told them to avoid sketchy sites and focus their search on reputable free music libraries





These carefully vet their songs so you can feel confident using them commercially. This saves time from having to dig around.

What I do like is that these have libraries organize music by genre and mood, too, making it easy to find the perfect style to match your shop. I suggest that you pick something upbeat and quirky.

Also, check out YouTube's Copyright-Free Section.

They also have tons of free tunes. It was full of unique genres, giving you lots of options, but you need to be careful about whether you can use them commercially free.

Set the Right Mood

Music sets the tone. An upbeat, quirky track amplifies your shop's fun vibe. Energetic songs engage viewers. With the right legal, free tunes, you can soundtrack killer commercials that make your shop shine!

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