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The Rise of Cashless Point of Sale: Are You Ready?


I recently had a surprising experience at a large supermarket. I went to pay and was told to go to another cash register as this one could not handle cash! While I'd seen this once at a trade show, it was the first time it had been in a mainstream store. This got me thinking that we are genuinely nearing the end of cash, despite what banks and governments say. Soon I expect many shops will introduce a surcharge for cash.

The Australian Cash Exodus

The numbers don't lie. The Global Payments Report predicts a dramatic shift – by 2025, cash will likely account for just 2% of the value in all point-of-sale transactions. It's not going away entirely, but other methods will dwarf the amount we spend using physical cash.  Unsurprisingly, it notes that ATM withdrawals also decline as people ditch cash.

Convenience and Security

We are also seeing the successors to credit and debit cards coming with digital wallets on our smartphones. These are far more secure. Think about it: a thief can potentially use a stolen card, but with a smartphone app, they'd need your phone, access to it, and usually your fingerprint. It's a big leap in protection!

Smartphone payment with security

Brick-and-Mortar Retailers: Time to Adapt

This cashier-less trend isn't just curious; it's a real opportunity for small businesses. Here's why upgrading your point-of-sale system makes sense:

- Efficiency:  No more fumbling with notes and coins means faster checkout. Customers love speed!

- Improved Security:    Less cash on-site drastically reduces the risk of theft.

- Enhanced Customer Experience:   People demand payment choices; cashless often feels to them secure and streamlined.

Embracing the Cashless Evolution

The retail world changes quickly. To stay ahead of the game, adaptability is key. Cashless point-of-sale solutions aren't just a trend but likely the future standard.

A Personal Note

Change can be unsettling – I remember when cards themselves were the new, scary thing! The same will happen with the shift away from cash. I know we now have and are selling cashless registers.

Ready to Make the Shift?

Our POS software is designed with both cashless and traditional payments in mind. Get your free consultation today, and let's future-proof your business together!


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