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POS Central Reporting to Gain Insights into Your Business Performance


Today, a successful retailer needs to have your finger on your sales and inventory instantly; for example, sometimes you need these figures instantly, e.g. how much money is in the till NOW, what departments are NOW selling, are items being scanned NOW, etc. 

Our point-of-sale (POS) software makes it easy and quick to see what's happening in your business now. Let us get into it.

Real-time reporting

Your POS system allows you to instantly analyze your sales data to see what's selling now. Here's how:

> Look for the "Sales Analysis" button on your cash register. It's usually on the second page towards the bottom.

Where to find the sales analysis button

> You'll see a screen with plenty of analysis and figures. As I am interested in today's sales analysis, so I press the button marked with the orange arrow (see below)

Sales analysis by graphical

Experimenting with these filters lets you instantly see what products or departments are hot sellers today.

It is worth experimenting to work out what is happening. These are Actionable data.

And this is just the beginning.

Once you have done that, check out the other buttons. These give you other types of critical information.

This gives you a massive database of instant reporting information that provides insights into your shop situation.  Try it.

Dive Deep into Key Performance Indicators

In addition to sales data, your POS reporting provides more critical inventory-level KPIs metrics, employee performance, and more.

> View reports on stock levels, bestselling items, and employee sales totals.

> These figures help you identify what's working so you can do more of it. They also reveal problem areas you can improve.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

With the powerful reporting tools built into your POS system, you have the insights you need to make intelligent, data-driven decision-making for your business instantly.

Start using your POS reporting to gain real-time insights into your business. With your finger on the performance pulse, you can flexibly respond and make changes that drive growth.


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