For Halloween, retailers need to be exact in their ordering. This is because this type of stock is often tough to get rid of after Halloween. This is one of those holidays that interest by the public is brief, about a week, that is all we get.


If you want to know the sort of stuff the public is interested in now for Halloween, you should look at costumes, witches hats, Halloween makeup, masks like Frankenstein and ghosts are popular nowadays, and as always, Harry Potter stuff. One of the pluses with Harry Potter stuff is that it sells well after Halloween.

If you want to know a quick and instant way of finding out what stock did sell in your shop in previous years on Halloween.

Go to Register reports.

Now pick "Top N Stock Sales for a Given Period."



In the form, put in the following dates 25/10/20 to 31/10/20. A report will come out with what sold over that week. As last year is unusual, I recommend rerunning the report. So put in now the dates 25/10/19 to 31/10/19.

Now compare these two reports.

Of course, if possible, try buying stock items that can sell after Halloween.

As time is running out, do it now!

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