Today is a holiday for something your business probably can't do without, your computer. 


It is a great reminder to give your computer some tender loving care (TLC) and clean up your computer.

A computer is a mechanical device, it will not last forever, yet some simple cleaning tips can help increase its life. 

What happens is that over time, dust and dirt will build up in the computer, keyboards, monitors, etc. 

Left unchecked, it can damage everything. 

It does not take much to clean a computer. I find regularly used cleaning products work fine. If you need a blower, a hairdryer with cold air works fine.

Note if you have seen the movie Zoolander and this is you as the computer mechanics, now stop reading and ask someone else to do the cleaning.

Now before doing anything 

** Please turn off and unplug everything before you start cleaning. **

This is a video that I do suggest the person cleaning your computer views first and remember there is a good reason why this holiday was set up on a Monday wasif something goes wrong on a weekday you can get professional help if something goes really wrong.

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