TheLott Integration Update


the lotto

For our clients who offer lottery through TheLott, we have an integration that can streamline your business processes. Integratiaon has been a real game-changer for our clients—making the selling of lottery tickets faster and more accurate.

Streamlining the lottery ticket sales process

Less Time, Less Hassle: The integration reduces the number of keystrokes needed to process a lottery ticket sale. That means less time your customers have to wait and fewer chances for errors to occur, which means less of a headache for you.

More Sales: The more straightforward to check out the transaction, the happier we all are, which can add up to more sales, period.

Accurate Records: Streamlined sales data means you can be pretty sure your inventory and financials are correct, giving you precise insight into your business's performance.

Valuable Customer Insights

But that's not all! The integration provides insights into your customers' shopping habits. Analysing the data collected through lottery ticket sales can help you better understand your customers' needs. I like that it can help you make better business decisions without data collection work.

Addressing the TheLott Implementation Changes

While the integration has been a resounding success, we recently encountered a technical hurdle due to changes in TheLott's implementation. Specifically, TheLott reused some product codes, which caused compatibility issues. However, we've been proactive in addressing this challenge.

Free Update to Resolve the Issue

Our team has worked diligently to develop and release a free update that addresses the problem caused by TheLott's implementation changes. This update should have been automatically deployed to your POS Solutions software, ensuring a seamless transition and continued smooth operation of the lottery ticket sales process.

What You Need to Do

If you sell lottery tickets through TheLott and use the integration, Ensure you have downloaded and installed the latest update. You can check for updates within your POS Solutions software settings.

If you have concerns, our support team is ready to help! Just give us a call.


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