Now available new model three-in-one units


I know we have been waiting about months for them to come yet presently they are here. 

These have a customer-facing screen that faces customers at the point of sale. Most large retailers use them.  Often in a three-in-one unit like this one.

These ones are available in two sizes, a 15-inch and 17 inches. A major addition is that you get a touchscreen included.

Here are some benefits that it gives you

-Touch screens
-Look extremely modern.
-Made for retail environments so they are tougher than most screens.
-It helps build customer trust, as the customer can see what you have put in while you are doing it.
-It speeds up the queue as the customer will have many of their queries answered on the screen, eg the price of a product or whether a markdown was applied. 
-It gives you an aura of professionalism. 

Want to know more, let us know.

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