Well, Lottoland was serious when they stated that they would fight in the courts the ban, they are going to go to court. They are also looking into other ways that would allow Australian to continue to play synthetic Lotteries.

If Lottoland get up in the court or they do find a way to get around this legislation it will be the worst of both worlds for many of my clients as they will still have Lottoland competition and no access part of the online revenue from Lottoland which they were offered and they rejected.

The other point is as I stated earlier many Australian players will still be able to play online by simply hiding their IP address.

What I am wondering about now is that as a third of Australians have overseas citizenship and/or residency, so if these people are affected by this ban legally. A man whose father has an Italian citizenship could maybe also bet.

Anyhow, if you are interested in any of this click here.

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