It is getting close to Christmas. This is a big job organised in the best of times, with this crisis with deliveries now so undependable....... Now everyone is saying that the big problems are operations and logistics. 

Looking at Google Trend, the public mood seems positive. Compared to Christmas last year and this, the results are almost unchanged.  The interest is there, alright.

Measured interest using Data Source: Google Trends (www.google.com/trends).

What happens this year is unclear, but that would be true of any year.

But I can assure you there will be no mass queues this year in the large department for the Christmas specials. Much of this trade will be in the local shops or online. Also, count on even a more extended Christmas season than last year.

Preparing for Christmas is much more than checking your roster, stock, and delivery.

Schedule some time to check your equipment. 

1) That all your POS equipment is working. If you intend to use some of the old POS computers to accommodate the rush period, give it a test run now?

2) Check that where they are going to be that the cables are working.

3) That the network works.

The closer it gets to Christmas, the harder it gets to repair in time.

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