Gift Wrapping step by step


I shared a video on gift wrapping and got so many comments that I thought I should explain.

In my grandfather's shop, grandfather was very good at wrapping gifts. It is an art to do it right. It does not take long to learn and once you can do it well, it is very quick to do. It certainly helps to sell your products. In this time of year is an important part of your offering which adds value to your store. We used to have queues with people waiting to get him to gift wrap their purchases.

This video shows how quick it can be done and how good it can look.

This video will show you how to do it. It explains step by step really well. The instructions are clear and I like the different camera angles that show clearly what she is doing. 

Also note that this woman is not wasting paper because she is using the exact amount that you would use. See how good the finished product looks. 

Give it a try.

If you want to get into gifts, its a good idea.

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