Fooled by Fakes


Consider this a warning.

A client went to Malaysia and promptly lost his phone. So he had to get a new one. While looking, he went into a shop. There he was shown an apple iPhone. He was suspicious that something was wrong, but it was so cheap, and it looked genuine. So he brought it. It turned out to be fake and not even a good one. It was a cheap mobile built into a case that looked like an iPhone. He was lucky as he seriously thought he should buy one for his wife.

Something similar happened to me. I went to buy a Samsung S22 for my daughter. I got offered one that was so cheap online. The main reason I did not buy it was that, at that price, I thought it could not be real. A $1,400 phone is not going for about $250. What freaked me out was that the site looked so genuine.

Today overseas companies are churning out a flood of technology products that look like famous brands. Some are so good that it is hard for the consumer to distinguish between what's real and what isn't. One of our competitors was selling Metrologic scanners at nearly half price. Later, we found out how they were doing it. I have seen a lot more as they are easy to get nowadays as sites like Aliexpress openly sell them. It does not take much for someone to buy these, rebadge them and sell them as genuine.

Here is something that I saw. 

This phone, if a genuine Samsung, would be $1,500. I do not see even a copy. It could do all of this for an Australian $125.

Are the fakes as good? In my experience, generally not. The actual cost of the label in technology is not much, so to make them cheaper, they reduce the quality. 

Buyer beware!

I recommend watching this YouTube video for more information on this topic.

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