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Brighten Up Your Bookshelves: The Fun of Colour Coding


Sorted books by colour

I am always searching for fresh ideas to help my clients and allow them to liven up their stores and attract customers. This is an idea that I think may work if you sell books and colour coding. I was reading about it here. I have heard of similar ideas with gifts, which my clients reported mixed results. 

If you have a book section, why not shake things up with a colourful new shelving system? Colour-coding your books is an eye-catching, unconventional approach that could seriously boost engagement (and sales!). Let's dive into the vibrant world of the rainbow-bright bookshelf.

What is Colour Coding?

Traditional books are sorted by fiction by author and non-fiction by genre. Colour coding is different as it means arranging your books by the colours of their spines into a rainbow effect. The idea is that presto—you've got a gorgeous effect to draw customers in! It is simple but impactful.

The Brilliant Benefits

1. Boosted Book Sales

Small retailers here who have tried colour coding rave about the impact in this article. Miranda Seaegg from Vinnies op shops says their colour-coded sections "create a lot of interest" and excitement for customers. They're more likely to browse (and buy!) if it looks fun.

2. Totally Facebook and Instagram-worthy

We all know the power of the 'gram these days. Vibrant, rainbow-themed shelves make an absolutely gorgeous photo op that customers will be eager to share online. Hello, free promo!

3. The Thrill of Discovery

The problem with books sorted by title or author is that your customers tend to beeline for what they know they want. This means that they are missing a lot. But a colour-coded layout encourages aimless wandering and unexpected finds—a "treasure hunt" vibe, as Seaegg puts it. It might make you a problem if a customer wants a particular book to find it.

4. Conversation Starter

An unconventional setup is the perfect icebreaker between customers and staff. As librarian Amy Heap notes, "Bookshelves are decorative...a great way of having your personality on display and sharing it."

Tips for Colourful Shelves

  1. First, do an inventory sort to understand how many books you have in each colour group.
  2. I suggest doing it for a small collection. This idea works best when books are as much objets d'art as reading material.
  3. It is a much easier way of sorting, as anyone can sort by colour.
  4. People will buy more if your shelves look nice.
  5. I suggest trying it in the specials section if you have a large book section. People looking at specials are not looking at specific types of books, so I suspect it might work well there.
  6. The idea would need testing, as doubts would be raised about whether the novelty visuals alone would substantially boost sales for most bookstores.

Final Thoughts

Embracing the rainbow could be just the fresh, friendly vibe your book nook needs. It's a simple, low-cost way to showcase your personality, spark customer curiosity, and hopefully boost sales, too! So grab those coloured spine books and get sorting—a brilliant rainbow awaits.

If you try it, you must let me know how it went for you.

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