We sell a lot of portable computers and accessories. What happens is that over time people notice that the batteries do not hold as much charge as before. A similar effect is found in smartphones, electric cars and e-bikes.

What is happening is that the batteries age over time.

Currently, it is with our client, the main cause of replacement of equipment. The problem is that the battery is most of the cost of the device. Add the obsolescence of equipment, and the cost of labour replacement means it is rarely worth fixing. So you do need to look after the battery.

What eats away at battery health is two things.


The equipment, if not used, should be stored in a cool place; the extremes in temperature should be avoided.

Do not fully charge or drain.

Doing this puts strain on the battery. Aim to have your battery always between 20 per cent and 80 per cent. This is where the adaptive charging we supply on current equipment comes in. This is aimed at reducing the damage that charging cycles have on batteries and so maintaining battery health for as long as possible.

The reality is that batteries do degrade over time but treating your equipment well can give it more life.

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