Snap your own Product Photography part two.


Snap your own Product Photography part two.

The responses to my post from yesterday surprised me.

As I wrote yesterday, a modern business that uses POS software and e-commerce sometimes must show its products visually today. 

The cheapest and easiest way to do it is to do it yourself. Many individuals mistakenly believe that such product photography is expensive. It is not. Today making good product photos is simple and affordable with the modern smartphones that most of you own. All it needs is a few low-cost items that you can buy for less than $30 in total.

After facing some questions, I decided to prove my point. I went to my house's laundry room and placed a few cardboard sheets in my home in the corner. Here is what it looked like.

Free photo studio


After that, I took two items off my desk. Then put them on the cardboard. I stood before them to block the direct sun's rays from the window and took a few pictures. I then quickly edited them using the free app on my smartphone. Here is the result


Photo of a product taken in a free photo studio


First Photo of a product taken in a free photo studio

They aren't perfect to a T, but they're perfect for many purposes because there's nothing wrong with them. 

They would have been perfect with a tripod, a larger sheet of cardboard, and a sheet over the window to block the sun's direct rays properly. 

This is how many small businesses currently operate. This small business owner shows you how she creates stunning product images on YouTube using her smartphone.


It's worth looking at how she does it because it's clear that she is NOT a professional photographer and does an excellent job.



The next step is to get ready for the photo shoot once you have all the necessary tools. She selects a background appropriate for the tone and complements the product.

Set up the light

She arranges her product so that its best features are highlighted.

Taking the Pictures

> Try different perspectives and angles to see which works best when taking pictures.

> Ensure the product is the main focus.

> Pay attention to shadows. You do not want shadows.

> As taking a lot of pictures costs nothing, take a lot. You can select the best one later.

Final note

Producing high-quality product images can be free. So, why not give it a go and see how it goes?

If you require assistance, call me. I'm always ready to talk.



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