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For Spice retailers in Point of sale software, it became clear that spice selling is not a standard type of business. It's a truly international business, as products come from all over the world. Plus, there are so many different types of spices out there, no-one can handle that many. The other problem is that the same product, e.g. saffron, would be a different product if it comes from India, Iran, Greece or Morocco. My wife accidentally spilt a considerable lot of pure Kashmir's saffron on a chicken before cooking it. Trust me; it is worth getting the real stuff, not from the supermarket.

Serious retailers in spices need some demanding requirements. All of which our Point of Sale software does well. For example, our client Our Spices Tarneit frequently get many unique promotions. That is why our promotion system is that good.

Also what sellers of spices need is equivalences plus in one click, stock items information with raw material history.

Another report that any retailer can use but is of particular need to people that sell spices and food is the use-by date. Here every product has its shelf life cycle.

But the reality is that we all have old stock sitting in the shop. But, of course, there is always that stock that been sitting for ages. If you sell spices or foods, you will find that it is worth nothing if it is not sold on time.

So I suggest that every one of our clients do this.

Go to register reports> Stock> Old Stock on hand.

Now pick a department. It is always easier to work in a department with stock. Here you get the stock arrived and the quantity you have on hand. I am sure you will find some are very old stock that is sitting in the shop.

What is useful is as some supplier will take the old stock back. If so then it is often handy to do this report by suppliers instead of the department.




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