"Heart on My Sleeve": A Viral Song That Challenges Artistic Originality


Have a chew about this!

A new song, "Heart on My Sleeve," was released. It is a viral melody that was widely disseminated. It is currently shocking the music world. Prior to its removal, "Heart on My Sleeve" racked up 600,000 streams on Spotify, 275,000 views on YouTube, and 15 million views on TikTok. One unofficial Twitter reupload of the song garnered 6.9 million views. More than a thousand videos on TikTok have used the song, according to Vice


Here is the song.

It may be removed soon as youtube, is banning it and so keeps taking it down.

What it is, is that now artificial intelligence (AI) has produced this new original song that was trained on the work of genuine artists. It shows that advances in AI have gotten to the point where the technology can create new songs like "Heart on My Sleeve" that sound like real artists' work.

Where is this headed? 

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