Choosing the Right Barcode Scanner for Your Business


Choosing the Right Barcode Scanner for Your Business

Shop attendant using a barcode scanner

Today, businesses need to scan barcodes on products and so use barcode scanners. 

The most common barcode scanners in retail today are laser and CCD scanners.

Laser scanners:

Hand held scanners

The most popular are laser scanners as the price for these has dropped


> They are better at reading problematic barcodes, e.g. on a soft drink that can be wet, curved and has glossy surfaces.

> Their range is good, which makes it often easier to scan.

> They scanned barcodes which is excellent in high-volume settings.


> They tend to be more costly, which may be problematic if you have a tight budget.

> They have moving parts that make them prone to damage.

> Although we have never had a problem, lasers are classed as a public safety risk. They could be dangerous if misused; they reflect onto someone's eye.

CCD scanner:


> CCD scanners are generally cheaper than laser scanners

> In close range, they tend to be more accurate

> Since they do not have any moving parts, they typically last longer and are less damage-prone.


> Range, and this is no minor point. CCD scanners can, in many applications, be a pain as you have to get the scanner quite close to read the barcode.

> Difficult-to-read barcodes such as magazines or reflective gifts can be a problem.


The choice between laser and CCD scanners depends on your business's specific needs.

In today's world, the same brand will have different factories for different types, so the brands matter less today. Unlike many, we test our scanners. We have them on many sites, so we know how they fare in the real world. We can help you make a smart investment for your business. Whether you need a laser scanner for its range or a CCD scanner for its accuracy, we've got you covered.

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