Microsoft's plan obviously is that Windows is going to be no longer Vista, XP, Windows 8, etc its just going to be soon Windows 10. We are not expected to buy new versions of windows what we will be getting are many updates to Windows 10 released over time.So Microsoft released Windows 10, they promised us with updates for life.

As Microsoft has this rigid timetable of releasing major updates and security fixes on the second Tuesday of the month. They now have the next version on Windows 10 ready for release.

Unfortunately, nobody at Microsoft has a calendar, so they have decided to release it in April. The second Tuesday is the 11th of April. Next Tuesday, the Tuesday before Easter. However, that is Tuesday United States time, which for all extents and purposes is Wednesday Australian time.

That is when the Windows 10 update may start downloading, some systems may take a bit longer to get the update than others. So if your Internet and computers are slow over Easter, they are probably downloading and installing a new version of Windows 10.

Then there is the inevitable restart and something is bound tono longer work afterwards. Which Murphy's Law will demand that your point of sale system will slow down right in the middle of a weekend when everyone really does not need this headache too.

Thank you, Microsoft.

If you have a Professional edition of Windows 10. There is an easy way to stop this update being installed now and delay getting the update over Easter by setting the following option.

Details on how to check if you are not sure whether you have Windows 10 home or professional is here.



If you haveprofessional now please.

Click on Start
Click Update & Security
Click Advanced options
Tick the box “Defer feature updates”

This option is supposed to defer new Windows features and upgrades for several months. How long several months is not defined anywhere so I cannot tell you how long that is. You will still get the new Windows 10 Creators update version, just not over Easter.

If you have Windows Home, there is a hack that can stop the updates over Easter so you can do it later. To use the hack, I do not suggest anyone tries this who is not an advanced user of windows. Details are available here.


This is a great program and I use this software on my laptop so that Windows does not overload my laptop by doing updates when I need the computer for work NOW.