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Use space to maximize Your Shop's profits


Running a shop can be a problem if you don't have much room.  This is a common problem as most of us have more stock than we can display. Don't let that hold you back! You can turn your shop into a sales machine by understanding your customers and applying clever design tricks.

Why Your Store Layout Matters

A well-designed store does more than look good. It caters to your target customers' needs, guides them effortlessly through your space, and highlights your best products. When customers feel comfortable and understood, they're more likely to find what they need, linger longer, and buy more!

Know Your Audience: The Key to Smart Layout Decisions

Before rearranging shelves, take time to understand your ideal customers. 

  • Demographics: What's the age range, gender, and general lifestyle of your target shoppers? Guys are generally taller than women so that the items can be higher for them; for kids, the stuff must be right down low.
  • Shopping Habits: Do they prefer browsing leisurely, or are they in-and-out shoppers? If they want speed, you need the items at the counter so they can come in, do the sale quickly and leave quickly. Also, do they tend to come in alone or with others?
  • Pain Points: What problems do your products or services solve for them?

Your Secret Weapon: Your POS Data (and a Little Observation)

Your POS System can do much more than just be a simple cash register. It's full of clues about your customers and what they like to buy. 

Here's how you can use this data and watch what happens in your store to make smarter choices on how to arrange things:

Identifying Your Powerhouse Products

  • Best Sellers Report: This tells you precisely what's performing well. Place these top performers front and centre for maximum visibility. 

Go to the top N stock report, which you can find in the Register reports.

report highlighting best-selling items

We then put in a period, say the last two months; this will show you what is selling now, then when you have your list of best sellers nicely ordered by quantity, profit and sales.

Pay attention to the colors and sizes.

Think about using lights and signs to make them stand out more.

  • Companion Sales Report: This report unveils items that are frequently purchased together. Placing them strategically throughout your store can boost sales. Think of how grocery stores place snacks near the drinks section.

Go to Sales-Register > Dissection Companion Sales by Period.

Try looking for an abnormally high number of products for other stuff that sells well with that department. It is beneficial as it can help you select a product to display prominently near a department. This is a well-known method of increasing incremental sales that all majors use.

You take items that sell well with the products of another department and place some of them in that other department's area. There is nothing wrong with a good seller having a few spots in the shop. 

Like this one, a stand of good sellers in a prominent position is always good.


Giftshop stand

Retail analytics of inventory that sells with other items

As you can see here (green arrow), quite a few extra sales could be made by moving some other companies' chocolates close to Darrel Lea Chocolates. Darrel Lea may not like it, but ....

Another great use is more long-term. If grouped by department, you can get a feel of where you should position the display for the department. As you can see here by the green arrow, the books should be close to the stationery.

Report of best selling items

If people looking at your book can see your stationery, you may be able to make a few extra sales. 

These KPIs can give you ideas into which products to display prominently.

Traffic Patterns

Don't discount the insights you can gain by observing how customers move through your store. Are there areas that seem to get ignored? Do people get bottlenecked in a particular spot?  Are there areas that let the customer go too quickly? Use this information to fine-tune your layout.

Data-Driven Merchandising Strategies

Here are some practical ways to apply these insights:

  • Highlight Bestsellers: Your top-selling items deserve prime real estate. Give them prominent shelf space, consider eye-catching displays, and enhance visibility with strategic lighting and signage.
  • Promote Companion Products: Place items often bought together within easy reach.
  • Seasonal Shifts: Adapt your layout based on historical sales data.
  • Clearance Corner or Dump Bin: Designate a small "dump bin" area for heavily discounted items.  This is an excellent way of getting rid of dead stock.

More Tips for a Small-Space-Friendly Layout

  • Embrace Vertical Storage: Use shelves, hooks, and racks to reach upwards.
  • Let There Be Light: Good lighting makes your store inviting and highlights merchandise.
  • Keep it Tidy: A well-organized shop feels bigger.
  • Create an Illusion of more space: Light colours generally make a room feel bigger.
  • Get Creative with Signage: Clear signage to advertise your products.

Case Study

  • The Bookshop Upgrade: We had a client who sold books. He knew his customers loved to browse, so he arranged the bookshelves to create small, inviting nooks. He then put in a couple of comfortable chairs. This encouraged shoppers to linger and discover new titles.

Remember: It's an Ongoing Process

Trends change, and your customers' tastes evolve. Stay flexible, and don't be afraid to experiment!

The Bottom Line

By understanding your customers, using your data effectively, and getting a little creative, you'll create a retail environment that's welcoming, efficient, and drives sales – regardless of your square footage!

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