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Modern laptops, powerful tools for your business


Let us talk about boosting your efficiency with the speed you need.

As a retailer, you're always busy with tasks in your store. Technology updates might not seem key, but modern laptops give great perks that can change your daily work. In a typical work meeting, we all sit around a table with our laptops open.

Meeting with laptops

Let's Talk Laptops

Laptops are everywhere for a reason! Here's the lowdown on what you need to consider:

Limited Upgrades: Unlike desktop computers, there's less ability to swap out internal components in a laptop. Usually, what you buy is what you get.

Warranty: Warranties today are often really good on laptops. Still, there is one big problem: opening your laptop to upgrade it yourself could leave you without warranty protection if something goes wrong.

Speed is King: Modern laptops are much faster! Recently, we upgraded a client from an i7 to an i9 model. The speed boost was clear – a report that used to churn away for 35 seconds on their older laptop i7 now finishes in just 20 seconds on the new i9! 

Computer Noticeability: Don't think speed boosts are too small to notice! Humans are quick – we can perceive changes on a screen within a few hundred milliseconds. You will see the difference. If it's like 15 seconds, as above, you, the customer you're talking to, and everyone else will notice the delay.

The Power in Your Hands

The right modern laptop puts so much power at your fingertips as a small business owner:

Portability: With a laptop, your work goes wherever you do – home, meetings, supplier office to check your sales figures and allows you to work from anywhere, e.g. a cafe.

Reliability: Newer computers mean fewer glitches, less downtime and headaches.

Enhanced Customer Experience: No one likes waiting on a slow computer! A snappy machine lets you serve customers faster, keeping lines moving and everyone happy.

Ready to Make the Leap?

If you need a tech update, get in touch! We can help you find the perfect modern laptop to streamline your small retail business and give you a competitive edge.


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