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Integrate your scale into your POS System


Lable scale

People who sell products based on weight such as fruit and vegetable stores, spice shops, garden centres, butchers, supermarkets, etc., find that integrated scales make a big difference. 

Here are some significant advantages

Reduced handling 

You can serve more customers by eliminating the need to move some products from the counter to the scale. 

You do not have to enter the weight into the POS system here. You send the information directly to your POS system.

Double handling from the scale to the POS system does cause transcription errors. People do make mistakes.

Customer confidence 
Your customer can see weight and other transaction data as you do it. This gives your customers peace of mind.

Decreases employee fraud
The amounts weighed goes into the POS System.

The cost of an integrated scale is not much different to a manual scale. Plus, you get the advantages of a POS System. 

Try it and see how integrating the scales will immediately improve your efficiency, profit and boost customer trust.

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