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Boost Sales with Digital Signage


A shop window with a TV at night showcasing its goods

In the ever-evolving retail landscape, businesses need every edge to stand out, connect with customers, and boost their bottom line. Digital signage is a key to unlocking a new level of in-store engagement, adaptability, and brand impact that static signs can't compete.

Dazzle Customers and Drive Engagement

People today are trained to look at screens. If we see a screen, we look. This is partly why digital signage makes your business shine. Also, the vibrant colours, captivating animations, and immersive videos help. This draws customers in and leaves a lasting impression.

Setting Up Your Digital Signage: What You'll Need

While digital signage offers benefits, let's break down the key steps:

  • Look at what others are doing:  The best way to get ideas is to go to other shops, look at the signs, and see what digital signs you like there. If you like it, I am sure others will too.
  • Measure out the area in your shop: Try to get an idea of the size that suits your space.
  • Screens: This is the centrepiece of your setup! If you have an old TV at home or a spare computer screen, consider using that. Otherwise, you can get a relatively cheap screen or digital photo framer. A digital photo framer starts at about $85.
  • Computer or USB: Some screens need a computer to run, while others, such as a digital photo framer, can use a USB stick. 
  • Slideshow Maker: This is the heart of your signage system. Look for some user-friendly software that lets you create media content. I am not recommending one now, as the only one I know is Proshow, and it's off the market. If you use a professional photographer, you do not need this.
  • Mounting and Installation: Consider professional installation for a polished look and safe, secure screen placement.
  • Picture of your shop and goods: A good smartphone today can do this. You can take many photos and permanently delete the bad ones. You are not going to complain if you have too many images. For a five-minute presentation, you need about 40 images.  For information how to do this click here.
  • Some time: On the first few, it does take some time to learn, but after that, it is really quick.

Advantages of doing it yourself

You can change to fit your retail trends, sales, weather, etc. Everything can influence what messages your customers need. You can update your displays based on your latest products, promotions, and seasonal content or even react to the news. This gives you both adaptability and keeps your store's message dynamic and relevant.

Your Brand, your control

You control the message. The screen sells your products.

It works Day and Night selling your products and services

You can put a screen in the window and it can market your goods and services 24x7.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

In a crowded marketplace, digital signage advertises your shop. Its dynamic nature and ability to wow customers give you a serious advantage over traditional, static displays. People looking at your window will take a few seconds to look at a static sign and much longer looking at a dgital one.


The Time is Now

Keep your company from falling behind! Digital signage is the way of the future, not a fad. You may modernise your business, provide customers with a shopping experience, and make more sales by utilising this technology.

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