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Our point of sale software is one of the most popular systems used by Toy and Hobby sellers in Australia. Which is quite an endorsement as very few systems in Australia, in my view, can handle Toy Stores.


One of my clients here invited me to the little war expo in Melbourne which is advertised and almost certainly as the "premier event for wargaming in Australia". It was packed when I came.

Here are some pictures, what it does show is the extensive range of stock items and the need for advanced category management in the Toy and Hobby industry that our system has.

Each game can have over a hundred different pieces you can buy, from many different suppliers, plus often the retailer will make their own products. It can very very difficult to keep it under control. The other issue is the customers are equally diverse, WW2 naval enthusiasts are not going to be interested in ancient Roman battles or probably not even WW2 air battles.

Enjoy the pictures


1500 Spain



Helicopters in Iraq

Pirate bay

Post Apocalyptic World

These Post Apocalyptic Models, I found to be of extremely high quality, I particularly like the plane. I would say that this is not just a hobby but a work of art.


The siege of Rhodes

This game took about seven (7) people to play, and I was told that they could have used another two players. 


WW2 sea battle


Like so many, there many brought their kids who enjoyed themselves too.


WW2 the Blitz

This air battle game came in a WW1 and WW2 version.


US Civil War

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