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Increase Sales with Targeted Happy Hour Loyalty Promotions


Happy hour in a shop


Every customer counts. One strategy to attract more customers during typically slow periods is offering happy hour specials with loyalty incentives. This encourages business from your customers in times when the shop is not busy and often marginal in profit. Here's how our point-of-sale (POS) system makes setting up and managing happy hour loyalty promotions easy.

- Happy hours are a win-win for customers and your business.

- It creates a sense of urgency for your customers to buy.

- When customers like they’re saving money or getting more value from their purchases, they tend to spend more. 


Activating Happy Hour Mode

The key to running a successful happy hour is making it simple for staff to switch on the special pricing and points. With our POS system, you can quickly turn on "happy hour mode":

  1. Go to the Main Menu and select System Maintenance.
  2. Open the System Setup page and click the Loyalty tab.
  3. Find the Redemption Value Per Point and update the value to match your promotion (e.g. 0.10 points per $1).

Setting loyalty points score

That's all it takes! Now, customers automatically earn extra points with purchases during happy hour.

Now spread the Word.

To drive traffic during slow periods, promote your happy hour specials across different channels:

  • Create fun flyers to display, e.g., double points between 3 pm and 4 pm today
  • Post on social media and email loyalty members

The more you promote the deals, the better.


Running targeted happy hour promotions is a proven way to drive traffic and increase sales during slow periods. Combining time-limited specials with loyalty incentives creates an urgency for customers to visit your venue more often.

Our intuitive POS system makes it easy for staff to activate customized happy hour modes on the fly. You can set special pricing, update loyalty point earnings, and track results with just a few clicks.

Say goodbye to sluggish afternoons and engage customers with compelling happy hour deals. You can maximize loyalty and sales when needed with the proper promotion and POS technology.

Contact us today to learn more about how our POS can help you run targeted promotions to increase visits and revenue. Let us help you take your happy hours to the next level!

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