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One point of being associated with Xero as their customers' data is online, are they do provide a service for anonymous statistical information on the current state of the accounting information.

This point was interesting if a typical business sends a 30-day invoice, how long will it take for them to get paid?

Well, it depends where you are:

By state these are the results that their clients provided:

ACT 30.6 days
New South Wales 37.7 days
Northern Territory 32.5 days
Queensland 33.9 days
South Australia 36.3 days
Tasmania 32.2 days
Victoria 37.1 days
Western Australia 33.7 days

The overall average was 36.3 days.


So if you send out an invoice for 30-days, budget that about half of them will be paid within 36.3 days.

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