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More Battery Life on your POS Devices


POS device charging

Are you tired of your POS devices dying halfway through a busy shift? As a point-of-sale (POS) software company, we know that having reliable batteries is important. In this guide, we'll share real-world examples to help you make your battery last longer.

Common Battery Myths

These misconceptions can drain your battery power faster than you think – let's set the record straight!

  • Myth 1: Ignore those manufacturers battery limits

    • Reality: Battery makers set those charge and discharge limits for a reason – to make your battery last longer! Pushing those boundaries may shorten its lifespan. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for best results.
  • Myth 2: Charge It While You Use It for a Faster Top-Up

    • Reality: This might shave off a few minutes, but it's not worth the risk. So do not do it. Devices produce heat, and so does charging the battery and together, they make more heat. Think of charging like a relaxing break – your device will thank you!
  • Myth 3: Off-Brand Chargers? Sure, Why Not?

    • Reality: Official chargers are made and tested for your device – so they're designed for your device. Off-brands might work, but they could damage your devices. If you must use an off-brand, run it on a slow charge. 
  • Myth 4: Slow and Steady Harms the Battery

    • Reality: Nope! Slow charging is kinder to your battery, putting less stress on it. A slow charge setting is the way to go if you charge overnight.
  • Myth 5: Leave It Plugged In, It's Fine!

    • Reality: Big no-no! This isn't just about wasting energy. Power surges occur anytime, and the longer it is plugged into your device, the more likely a surge can hit your device. Charge up when needed, then unplug for a longer-lasting battery. 
  • Myth 6: All batteries degrade and are soon useless

    • Reality: Yes, all batteries do degrade, but generally, it's only a few percent a year. At a 2 to 3% loss a year, a battery in 10 years still, in theory, holds about 78% of its charge. That is often more than you need in one session. We have sold units that are 20 years old and still going fine.
  • Myth 7: Drain It, Then Charge It to the Max

    * **Reality:** That worked for old-school batteries, but today's prefer a little snack-like top-ups. With modern batteries full draining and recharging can stress them out and shorten their life.


The Environment Matters: Heat, Cold, and Shelf Life

  • Feeling the Heat (and Cold): Extreme temperatures are your battery's foes! Heat speeds up degradation, while cold zaps capacity. Store your devices in cool spaces, and don't let them bake in hot cars.

  • Batteries Have a Good Shelf Life: Good news! Modern batteries hold their charge well. Charge them up and have them ready to go. You do not need to scramble at the last minute. After extended use, I put them aside overnight to let them cool down, Charge them the next day, and then store them until needed.


Look after your batteries and they will keep your devices going a long time.

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